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Since 2003 Duesenburg Inc, has implemented studies for achieving methods to help controls and manage machines programs and automated by us. The key factor is HMI (Machine Human Interface) using GUI or no GUI methods (Graphical user interface)

Key features:

  1.  Illuminated bush buttons instead of non, showing status of activities e.g. Solid light/flashing light, OFF
  2. Color LCD screens where we can show red buttons and indicators for faults, green for OK, orange/amber and blue for other manual and ready status.
  3. POP-up messages indicating problems or wrong operation prevention.
  4. Tracking and productions counts and cycle time.
  5. Server upload options.
  6. Panel stack lights
  7. Indicating labels. Colors.
  8. Sounds, sirens and Alarm horns.
  9. We have also implemented for some customers, Speech recognition and paging systems where the written screen faults and statuses are read via computer to a set of speakers or paging system. We also have implemented Machine to Human email and call systems.


Remote access to you machine via Cellular Modem lines or the internet.

  • If you have high speed internet like cable, DSL T1 we can provide you with a firewall and VPN remote access unite to access you Ethernet enabled PLC and help trouble shoot your system immediately and cost effectively and fast.
  • Our classic option is provide a remote access box with built in modem (Phone Line or Cellular GRPS) connected to your Serial enabled or Ethernet enabled devices and PLC and manage them remotely ( a much slower option).
  • Web cams (required high speed internet.)





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