Duesenburg specialty systems


If you are looking for individual drive and control solutions for your industry, go with the experts of Rexroth in the technology field Electric Drives and Controls - formerly Indramat, Bosch Automation and Refu. Here you will receive coordinated systems for your applications - from CNC and Motion Control to PLC and Frequency Converter.


Even more: Rexroth controls all relevant technologies as a global supplier for the machine and equipment construction for driving, controlling and moving - from the mechanics to hydraulics and pneumatics and also electronics. Contact us. Bosch Rexroth. The drive & control company


Our Key Systems:

1- Opti-Feed servo press feed  and roll form (feed to stop) systems

2- Die flying sheet cut-offs (with hole reference or without) check info.. SLIDES  and screen feature PDF. Please fill out Application Survey.

Duesenburg's mechanical knowledge combined with advanced microprocessor technology has created a robust line-up of field proven control systems. With over 80 units currently in service worldwide, Duesenburg have successfully improved operations for a number of applications; roll formers, tube mills, cut-to-length machines, and slitter lines.

To maximize your operation's productivity, Duesenburg offers several control options to fit any machine:

  • Closed loop controls
  • Feed-to-stop or non-stop
  • Die accelerator controls (See Die Acceleration Methods)
  • Die accelerator retrofits
  • Roll feeds and roll feed controls
  • Edge guide controls using servo or Hydraulics.
  • Full control for multiple in-line hole punch presses
  • Support for gagged dies
  • Custom engineered controls
  • Labor saving accessories
  • Entire turn-key packages including panels, Hydraulic power units, valves and motion systems.

Before making a decision, our staff of engineers can provide technical advice or an entire turn-key solution to best meet your application.

Providing the right controls for your operation...Duesenburg Automation.


3- Linear or coordinated motion systems

4- Servo weld guns, press arms and bender cylinders.

4- Flex-Automation and Servo Die transfer systems.

5- Hydraulic Servo Uncoiler edge guide systems.

6- CTL (cut to length) complete line controls system.




Duesenburg control system can provide single axis  to multi axis solution in a single line. As most other vendors utilized only pulse measuring encoders, we provide sin wave, serial EnDat high speed measuring encoders as well as noise immune digital systems where processes like spot weld or high frequency welds exist on the same line.

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VisualMotion for Press Automation Brochure (PDF / 1.4 MB)

IndraMotion MLC - a multi axis controller-based solution with integrated Motion-Logic

The ideal fusion of motion control, PLC and technology building blocks makes IndraMotion MLC the innovative system for the new generation of controller-based motion solutions by Rexroth. Via the PLCopen-compatible user interface and the integrated IndraLogic system, motion functions become transparent and simple by using standardized IEC 61131-3 building blocks.

| IndraMotion MLC Brochure | System Overview | Technical Data |

IndraMotion MLC

  • integrated system with motion control, PLC and technology building blocks
  • scalable for modular and decentralized architecture
  • quick integration in various processes, machines and systems
  • out-of-the-box technology modules for demanding applications
  • intuitive software framework for all engineering tasks
  • PLCopen-compatible building block library