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Duesenburg servo rollfeed solution with Bosch Rexroth "IndraMotion for Metal Forming

The Duesenburg  servo rollfeed solution uses Bosch Rexroth "IndraMotion for Metal Forming - OR Hybrid Ab compact logix with Boschrexroth Servo motor and drives via Ethernet IP.

DUES-Rollfeed  is an uniaxial feed that can be customized for a variety of needs by using specific hardware and software components. DUES-Rollfeed has been optimized for applications with controlled feeding of metals, foils or similar materials that are processed using a shear, a press, a plastic covering machine, a thermoformer or related machine types. Adding features such as a PLS, safety queries or tool control enables more complex machine applications.

Supports: various length, end of coil, safety interrupt, safety onboard, analog decoiler control to VFD, loop control via laser analog sensor..etc.

Features Supported:

Our roll feed Advance, support 200 linkable products, with each product supporting 6 micro feeds and 10 GAG tooling up to 10 valves. Advance Plus option allows for Forward and Reverse feeds.

Our Roll feed Basic, supports 1000 product,

Our Zig-Zag roll feed system supports 200 linkable product, advance and reverse feeding and intuitive 15" color HMI system.

The we machine all of our components to the highest precision and quality. fully geared and keyed.


Via the Bosch Rexroth compact HMI VCP 08 ( or the 10" Color operator Screen) the operator gets only the essential information and input fields to the use of the system. By pushing a button it is possible to change the operation mode (Manual, Parameter, Setup, Automatic) or to select a certain product from the product administration. Besides, in every mask meaningful status information is available. The use of the compact HMI VCP 08 for the system solution is optional.

The system solution DUES-Rollfeed (Rexroth) also supports an ASCII-Pass-Through mode that allows a serial communication link from a PC (press controller) through a VCP HMI device to a Rollfeed control. We have also developed OPC interface to our system.

The system has been developed for high integrity and security. An extensive diagnostics system shows conditions of the inputs and outputs just as operation mode typical messages. The clear language of the diagnostics messages provides all-around support to the machine operator. This helps to quickly return to the production process after an error occurs.

Click here to watch a launched system display (171MB) video





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