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Duesenburg baseline..

This is our base line and core business when first started. We are the fastest most efficient PLC programmers in our field. We over came many firewalls successfully. We write easy to follow modules, well documented code, data manipulation for external devices (e.g. Welders and motion).

Our famous systems utilizes AB and Siemens programmable controllers, Integration with Ethernet/IP and Profibus systems, including servos, robots and welders.

Duesenburg offers, custom made Add-On instructions to control complex tasks in motion and servo application using different vendors.

PLC's Used:

1- Siemens S7 (300/400)

2- AB SLC or Control Logix and Micrologix

3- BoschRexroth Indralogic.


1- Ladder logic

2- Statement list

3- SFC

AB SLC system 1747

Bulletin 1768, 1769 CompactLogix Programmable Automation Control Systems


SIMATIC Controllers:
The whole range at a glance

  • LOGO!
    The logic module for switching and control enables simple automation for industry, trade and functional structures.


  • SIMATIC S7-200
    The economical micro PLC


  • SIMATIC S7-300
    The PLC for system solutions with focus on production engineering


  • SIMATIC S7-400
    The power PLC for system solutions in production and process engineering


    All-in-ones consisting of controller and operator panel for machine control in a minimum amount of space


    PC-based Automation enables data-intensive PC tasks and controller in a single unit


  • SIMATIC ET 200
    Distributed IO system with CPUs for intelligent preprocessing directly on the machine


  • SIMATIC Technology
    The extensive line of products for solving technological tasks such as counting, measuring, positioning, closed-loop control and cam control.


  • Fault-tolerant systems
    Fault-tolerant automation systems reduce the risk of production failures to a minimum.


  • Failsafe systems
    Provide the highest level of safety for humans, machines and environment. They are used to prevent accidents and damage resulting from a fault or malfunction.




    We also provide programs for HIM like Panel views, Panel view plus and RSview32. We also work on WinCC 32 by Siemens on special orders only.

    Our previous programs implemented on:

    1- AB press pack

    2- Packers, robotic cells, servo systems, roll form, Tig and Mig welders

    3- Hyd. Presses, benders.

    4- Conveyors, building automation, data collections.



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