Duesenburg Customized Material handling systems


factory trained technicians

From press load and unload to flexible fixturing, we implemented many systems and executed projects where cycle time and precision where highly in demand. We are also working now on developing correlated motion control system using the new ABB IRC5 controllers.

Our partner from CPI products or STI will provide packaged EOAT (End Of Arm Tooling) for your robotic project, includes standard parts (market with part numbers) schematics, I/O and air hookup, Suction systems and Smart pump from Norgern (recommended).

We use all IP67 I/O units from AB or Phoenix-Contact


Some of the customization services that we provide:


Based on customer demands for a powerful robot

in a small package, ABB introduces the new

IRB 140. The new industrial robot is only 81 cm high

and weighs 98 kg but has a handling capacity of

5 kg, 6 working axes and a great reach. IRB 140 is

also faster and more accurate than any other

robot of its size and it has an outstanding

flexibility in mounting. All together

offering totally new opportunities to

the world of flexible automation.


A powerful robot ina small package

The IRB 140 offers a combination

of large load capacity

and acceleration in a small

package. The robot is compact

and flexible and will fit snugly

into crowded workplaces.



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